emiga's denying the fact that the address i gave him is real. oh and if he says anything that i did that makes you all turn against me, it was an accident and its been undone. oh and emigas real name is joey. not mine.

lol i know its not joey i just said that as a wild attempt to mess with him. emiga will be done for in the future. just wait.

MM54321, SM3 is trying to kill me when he says I am not a brony! I mean, I just don't like or like it. I'm hovering somewhere between. Can you convince him to unban me? It's same with Dreth... he's still banned... and SM3 is being extremely unfair.

Mario ManX - Рік тому

Man,please,stop being beyond evil....This is why people hates you Even someone called Starman3Screenshots form Deviantart,is making you suffer

GrandStarLegion - Рік тому

Looking through all this old comments from 2-3 years. I was pretty stupid back than. So This discussion is now open