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from neymarmario77- NeymarMario77 - 4 роки тому

Block me piece of shit, i don't care. You haven't apologize with MM66666 mother fucker. You should lick starman4's wet p***y, also, mushast0 stills have the true that you insulted him. AND STOP DELETING ALL THE FU**IG TRUTH COMMENTS, YOU DELETE CAUSE YOU WANT ANYBODY NOW YOUR TRUTH. Your YTR should go to hell, the stupidest name ever. How you'll be a ranger, when you are a kid that can't get any negative criticism. Oh, and stop forcing smg4 to be in his videos. You're forcing him just because you want more subscribers. And if you block me, you'll be a completely fail. You think blocking someone will work? Nope, they'll create accounts and keep saying truth about your d**k

from super emiga- SuperEmiga posted In more important news, he made his apology video ONLY available by link, you cannot find it anymore. Why would he do this? Of course to gain more subs, since people will not find out about his pedophilic past anymore. This selfishness comes as no surprise, Starman3 showing again how sorry he really is by treating his victims as dirt.

from super emiga- Kinda old news, but Starman3 reopened his twitter account: Except this time it's more shittier than the first one, all he does is (re)tweet boring posts and images. It's truly an autistic experience though, no doubt about that lol.

from super emiga- Starcunt3 still thinks that truthspeakers (like me, JTBA, and Zenon) are haters. Proving that he still can't take responsibility for his abuse. Manchildren will be manchildren...and anwsering what he were to do if he's happy, he anwsers making machinimas? Seriously, is that what his life revolves around at age 25? He's even worse than someone who has the Down Syndrome (no offence). Special thanks for HowToMedia72 for finding this out.

from super emiga- (CONT) There you have it, this is a big fuck you to the Warebears who claim that he has changed, by Starman3 himself. The rest of the video is typical Gayman horseshit, can you fucking believe that he makes himself the victim? What a fucking asshole and dipshit. But hey, we're used to it, I guess. He deserved it being stressed and depressed, I'm still laughing at that.

from super emiga- Actually Jbro informed me that what I posted under this (namely Gayman stabbing himself again) is not a new event, but it happened a month ago. Like I reported back then and you all know. So he didn't 'stab' himself AGAIN, just that first and only time. My apologies, I can make mistakes too. Last thing I want to do is spread disinfo. Looking at the bright side, we have more proof of what happened that day obviously.

from super emiga- The manchild 'stabbed' himself again Of course, when you stab yourself in the heart you will be dead. But somehow, the fucker was still replying after that, it's a mystery alright! Where have we seen this attention whoring before, hmm? He proceeds to 'stab' himself in the arm, however there is no blood flowing out The retarded asswipe probably used his cat to claw him again. Once again this faggotry goes way too far.

from superemiga- I found Wareboy's brother on Facebook. And to be honest, to see him being succesful and having a girlfriend which he is engaged to compared with the manchild who is jerking off to Yoshi and going nowhere in life, is pretty pathetic and sad. It's for the best though, imagine Starman having children. Worst father in history, I can tell you that now, heh.

from superemiga- Look what message I received in my inbox: Oh shit, I'm going to jail for trying to bring a pedophile down, oh the logic! The YouTube legal team is going to get me! You just can't make this shit up LOLOL. Think we have yet another good contestant for the King of the Gay Kids award 2014, or in this case (since it's most probably a girl) the Queen of the Gay Kids 2014.

from superemiga- According to Dreth, Starman3 didn't stab himself. He actually pissed off his cat and he clawed him on his wrist. That's all. So he was acting like a drama queen, just for attention. Are you fucking kidding...I have no words for this, that's how pathetic this is. Somehow I knew deep inside he was too big of a pussy to stab himself anyway, so this makes a lot more sense. Still, I cannot describe the faggotry, that's what a lowlife he is.

from superemiga- Watch Starcunt3 lose his mind: Typical shit that he accepted the truth which, as we all know, is a lie. He then proceeds to whine that he will die of stress (karma, bitch) and says 'Just Let me get a knife brb'. Notice the word 'brb', like it's the most normal thing in the world to grab a knife and stab yourself, heh. Obviously he's attention whoring as usual. Credit goes to Dreth.

from superemiga- Here's a new picture of Starman3 with his mom: I hope she's proud that she gave birth to one of the biggest manchildren in the world. Lawl, credit goes to the user we are familiar with.

from superemiga- Fagman3 made a statement regarding him being a hero in MM's Back to the Fourth Dimension. (credit to Zenon). Really, he claims that he won't be a hero. Then why the fuck is he listed as a hero? Besides in the end he seems to imply that he will be a hero. He contradicts himself. And it's unbelievable, but he does the same in the above post. He says construction comments are welcome, yet he still has his channel comments closed. He really is a shiteating lying prick.

from superemiga- We have definite proof that 2454 Longridge Crescent is Starman3's address, since the manchild admitted it himself! I always had the feeling that it was the right address, we can be sure now. My special thanks go out to everyone who helped with the research and have found proof, you are wonderful. Credit for the proof goes to Zenon the Raptor.

from superemiga- Starboy removed the birthday video about Thepiplup212, because he read my feed and realized that Piplup didn't want it. Great work, gaywad. If you would have listened to him in the first place this wouldn't even be necessary. In the end he just wasted his time making it. Not that it matters, he would waste it anyway on online pedophilia or something like that.

from superemiga- Meanwhile at YTR: Starman3 has a new AlienWare laptop with Windows 8 on it, which he is maniacally obsessed with. Because of the manchild's new laptop, Sinbad361 started raging and disrespecting other YTR members, probably of jealously. So Sinbad361 got kicked out LOL. This story proves how stupid YTR is because of faggotry like this.

from superemiga- Zaid Somji, a shitheaded dumbass and until recently an extreme supporter of Starman3 and YTR, might actually been dumped for real by the manchild This time I can understand the manchild's decision, because Zaid is in love with Pinkolol16: Lol, what a desperate retarded cunt. These are the kind of people that are in YTR nowadays, what a joke. Oh well, him leaving means that YTR gets weaker in the end, if it possibly can get any weaker.

from superemiga- LevittownPaIsSpecial (aka DanDan26) found another piece of evidence that Starman3's house is 2454 Longridge Crescent, Oakville, Canada: Brilliant thinking, my praise goes out to this. It might be vital evidence, but we can't yet assume that this is his house. Though things are certainly going in the right direction.

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from superemiga- a conclusion to our research, HowToMedia72 made a very good map with all the possible addresses of Starman3:

from superemiga- Update: Starman3's address can also be (kudos to BrokenCamera579). A certain D Ware lives here, apparently the only one in Oakville and Starman3's dad name is David, proof: Of course because Starman is a manchild he still lives with his parents at age 25, so it is possible that this is his place of residence. For now, these are the 3 addresses we have. Personally I think this one is the most plausible.

from superemiga-

☀HowToMedia72 did some research on Starman3's address in Oakville, Canada, and found this: We can't be sure of these without definitive proof, but it's maybe a step in the right direction. BrokenCamera579 then made screencaps of the houses using Street View: (Stanfield) and (Foxhole). My compliments to both of you for your excellent work.

From JTC- Maybe because last year, You took a picture of Beatmax's dick and ass, And forced JBro to jerk off to his own face

From JTC- Ware, you're just a pathetic, weak, retarded, pedophilic, child loving, kid fucking, mother raping, kid fucking, cat fingering, adult kissing, HIV Having, semen licking, pussy eating, monkey fondling, shit sipping, penis shoving, shemale, manchild, nipple biting, ugly, idiotic, urine drinking son of a bitch!

from JTC- fucking thieving cocksucking insensitive asshole, that's what ware is

from JTC-

who starman3 is- a pedophile that can't accept opinions and the center of hundreds of truth videos made by other people

from sm3truthspeaker- SM3TruthSpeaker

Did you know? That Starman3 online dated in Roblox as a furry with a user called PrincessSallyAcorn then a few days later he got banned.

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From sm3truthspeaker-☀SM3TruthSpeaker

He thinks threatening to call the cops on us will make us quit for good. Pfft.

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From sm3truthspeaker- ☀SM3TruthSpeaker


from sm3truthspeaker- SM3TruthSpeaker

Your family is a blatent fu*king excuse Starware3, GIVE UP! We have all the evidence

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from JTC- 2454 longridge crescent oakville, ontario

fork that over to the FBI if toy want that fat prick to go to jail. I'm sure we all do

from superemiga- I know that there are arguments whether or not Dreth is on Starman3's side, but let's forget that for a moment. He posted this on my channel: We all know he had to close his Twitter because of his parents, and now he might leave the internet forever because he got busted being a pedophile! Let's all hope his parents make the right decision and force him to quit the internet. Of course him going to jail would be justice too.

from superemiga-

HowtoMedia72 reports that Starman3 has reopened HTM72 screened some of GayCunt3's statements: He is only 'sorry' because he lost everyone because of his abuse and wants them back. Not because he's really sorry for the things he has done. Like I always said: NEVER trust him. Plus he admits yet again that the truth videos are real.