The truth about starman3

EDIT  COMMENTS SHARE---- Hello everyone I'm here to discuss the truth about starman3 aka pedofag3 or bigmacfan1990

most of this will be copy-paste/links

so lets get started

  1. from striker the koopa I've heard sturmon3 made another mistake. Hooray

this time he lost +Aeddon Goodwin as a friend,

I told ya so, he is not going to change at all. he's a same old starman where he cares about himself and no one else. he just assume THAT cringy Kenneth having a "hate war". it already have been stopped. What an idiot.


  1. from striker the koopa Wow, Sturmon3.
    Your videos have so much controversial mistakes.

    I don't like them at all. It's just my opinion.

    You are making these videos LIKE THAT? screw you, Starman. You ruined your fan base, Your videos, you think you are best at everything.....Well You're Fucking NOT the best person.

    there are two Controversial episode, It is the worst videos I ever seen from starman3.

    Mind I remind you? He Destroyed Pinky's relationship, Not taking criticism from Pixle the Neon Yoshi and others and he does SEX RP in 2011-2015. he should be in jail for our reasons. Why is on internet and why is he in his own house? he deserves to go to jail.

    THEY wanted to help him but he just basically told everyone "Fuck off" and left the group. I can see why he can't take criticism for himself.

    His parents actually hates him as well. I know this is far fetch to what I say right now, Starman3 should've been aborted, Killing himself and not existence to be honest. but hey, it's my freedom of speech. My Opinion. Starman3 is seriously a criminal. He never kept his promise, he never changes, if he asking for help to change all, I assure you that he won't. there is chance of SM3 will revert all over again. You know why? Endless Cycles.
  2. so, I Heard Starman3 being mean to Ellie.

Wow, Sturmon3.

Everyone looked up your past now, Everyone knows the truth of you.

You have NOT changed at all, Star.

You kept saying you want to change, and you want to improve to people. I'm sorry to say this. You don't.

You fucked AnimeKittyStar and others in the past, You can't handle the criticism from others, You can't deal with the situation, you always run away from problems! You fucking idiot.

This is why Your group YouTube Rangers is dead because of YOU.

To be truthful, Dan and others hearing things what you did recently, Pixle lost interesting in unblocking you.

it is proven that you haven't changed.

That's why Pinky Yoshi and Lime Yoshi believed the truth that's on YouTube. You are an Legitimate Pedophile, Non-Trustworthy person!

Why aren't you in jail? You've flirted with Ellie and others! If you do WANT girlfriend so badly? Do me a favor, Unplug your computer, Throw your fucking laptop away and go around your town or your city, ASK Girl out!

Fucking idiot, You brought cancer to Yoshi Community, SM64 Community.


  1. from SuperEmiga
  2. from superemiga Pinkolol released the conversations she had with Starma3 over the past couple of months. You can find them here: It's a lot, but it's very interesting. It shows what an asshole the manchild is. It also proves that you should NEVER give him chances, because he wastes them every single time.
  3. from superemiga BREAKING: STARMAN CLOSED HIS TWITTER! I can't believe it! (credit to DatOneBlueyHere). Huge victory for our camp, he closed it down after a fight with his mom. Just before that he hacked into @DatCuteYoshi his account and deleted tweets which contained the truth about him and the bastard changed the password, so I think that was the reason. Fuck yeah, special video coming soon!
  4. from superemiga It's a miracle, I actually talked to Starman on xat. He said that no one should be leading YTR, because there are only stupid children in YTR. I bet those stupid children would be a better leader then he would ever be LOL. He also said to me that he will lead YTR again for the 'last' time. Apparently this wasn't the last time. Well that's one promise broken already.
  5. from superemiga By now some old news, though worth posting. Pinkolol16 left YTR because Starmanchild3 was abusing her extremely. You can read the complete story in her video. To sum it up: His retarded parents are just as terrible as he is. They basicly allow him to do terrible things just because he has Aspergers. They should be shot in front of the manchild.
  6. from superemiga I feel so bad for people on Twitter who are forced to become Gayman's friend. Take @Hammer_Bro_ for example. At first he wanted nothing do to with the manchild, but the brainwashed Yoshi slave changed his mind. If only he knew that Starman is a pedophile and one of the biggest manchildren on the planet...
  7. from superemiga By the way, here's a really stupid comic that Starmanchild3 made: Is this supposed to be funny, or what? Can someone explain this faggotry to me? I think I'm losing all hope in humanity again.
  8. from superemiga Probably you've read this already This shows how selfish Starman is. If he really cared about YTR, he would give the leadership to someone else because that would solve ALMOST ALL the problems going on YTR. Besides Queerman3 will never be a good leader because he's a manchild, and because of this YTR has no future. Fact.
  9. from superemiga Fagman3 revealed that he almost died a couple of times in real life, one when he was a baby, he nearly drowned twice, and he almost got run over by a car. I can't blame the driver, I would have tried to run him over too, heh. Anyway he survived all of this which proves what a cruel sense of humor God has.
  10. from superemiga Starman is butthurt that a reviewer on gave Yoshi's New Island a 5/10. If you don't know what that is, it's a upcoming 3DS game that has made him horny for the past month because it has Yoshi in it. The manchild hasn't even played the game yet, how can he judge it? His sexual obsession with Yoshi is going to his head. I hope the game sucks indeed so it will make the manchild cry.
  11. from superemiga On Twitter Gayman3 is calling 'twolls' (actually intelligent people who know the truth about him) no livers. I don't think you can possibly go any more ironic. Even when Starbastard3 is on vacation, he fails so hard at life. Just look at him, he can't even live a day without spending a lot of time on either Twitter or Skype. Is that what his vision of 'vacation' is? Fail.
  12. from superemiga While I'm at that subject anyway, remember how Starman took a picture of Beatmax his dick and told him to masturbate on cam? Well if you thought that was disturbing, it isn't even the whole story! Yesterday people like JTBA and Bluey were talking to Beatmax on Twitter, and Beatmax revealed that Starman edited the picture of his dick into a Yoshi, so it looked like the Yoshi was sucking it. Seriously, WTF is wrong with that manchild? Proof:
  13. from superemiga Kinda late, but for those dipshits who still believe Starman is not a pedophile, here is the definite proof he is. All credit goes to Velociraptor.
  14. from superemiga Now Dickhead3 is moving on to new friends and blocking people who disagree with him ( Could you have expected anything different? The fucker is clearly losing his mind at this stage.
  15. from superemiga Fun fact: Starman3 wears a diaper, while he's 28 years old LOL.
  16. from superemiga Stargay3 claims on Twitter that the SM64 community is falling apart. Well take a wild guess who is behind all this....No it's not me. At least not anymore. Currently it's the manchild himself, so if he wants to do the SM64 community a big favor he either has to quit the internet or kill himself. As we all know he won't ever change so that's not an option. And unfortunately he won't quit or kill himself anytime soon, so the SM64 community will keep falling apart. Good going you pedophilic asshat.
  17. from superemiga I've received a chatlog from an insider where Starcunt3 says that he won't forgive anyone because his parents told him not to. I'm not suprised his parents are that fucking stupid, considering they passed on their genes of retardedness to the manchild himself, no wonder he's a goddamn idiot! Also, he's 28 and he still can't make his own decisions but needs his parents to do it for him. LOL again proving that Jacob Ware is a pathetic manchildish loser.
  18. from starman3 himself on his discussion Can Someone come to Skype? I am naked and want to talk to children while I masturbate. Thank you!! ~Starman3

proof thats him? if it wasn't it wouldn't be on there

22. from superemiga Why is StarButthole3 saying that xat made him so evil? So what about all those things that happened in Skype? Gayman3 is lying as usual here. He is evil and he won't change, I have been saying this for too long, because some fucktards still don't get it. How can a chatbox make you evil anyway? Think about that for a minute. It's just a sad excuse made up by the queer, because he's a manchild and he can't accept responsibility for his actions.

23. from superemiga I may have found another picture of Startwat3 in real life. Is this really Jacob 'Manchild' Ware in the middle at the top of the pictures? Tell me what you think.

24. from superemiga Starcunt3 still thinks that truthspeakers (like me, JTBA, and Zenon) are haters. Proving that he still can't take responsibility for his abuse. Manchildren will be manchildren...and anwsering what he were to do if he's happy, he anwsers making machinimas? Seriously, is that what his life revolves around at age 25? He's even worse than someone who has the Down Syndrome (no offence). Special thanks for HowToMedia72 for finding this out.

25. from superemiga The manchild 'stabbed' himself again Of course, when you stab yourself in the heart you will be dead. But somehow, the fucker was still replying after that, it's a mystery alright! Where have we seen this attention whoring before, hmm? He proceeds to 'stab' himself in the arm, however there is no blood flowing out The retarded asswipe probably used his cat to claw him again. Once again this faggotry goes way too far.

26. from superemigaMy apologies for not being online for almost a week, been too busy. Well I got a message back from mscunt04aids. You will not believe this: This one of the most retarded things I've ever read. Even more retarded than seeing Starman3's faggotry. This bitch really believes I will go to jail for 'harassing' a pedophile and you guys too LOL. Nobody can be this stupid, so it might be a fail troll. Looking forward to more since all this shit is doing is making me laugh.

27. from superemiga Look what message I received in my inbox: Oh shit, I'm going to jail for trying to bring a pedophile down, oh the logic! The YouTube legal team is going to get me! You just can't make this shit up LOLOL. Think we have yet another good contestant for the King of the Gay Kids award 2014, or in this case (since it's most probably a girl) the Queen of the Gay Kids 2014.

28. from superemiga Watch Starcunt3 lose his mind: Typical shit that he accepted the truth which, as we all know, is a lie. He then proceeds to whine that he will die of stress (karma, bitch) and says 'Just Let me get a knife brb'. Notice the word 'brb', like it's the most normal thing in the world to grab a knife and stab yourself, heh. Obviously he's attention whoring as usual. Credit goes to Dreth.

29. from superemiga Disregard my claim last post that he was attention whoring, he actually stabbed himself: (Credit to Ultimatehario for screen, HowToMedia72 for informing me). LOL what a dumbfuck, instead of improving himself he just stabs himself. Yeah, that will really solve all your problems, dipshit. At least he knows he will go to hell. Can't disagree with him on that.

30. from superemiga According to Dreth, Starman3 didn't stab himself. He actually pissed off his cat and he clawed him on his wrist. That's all. So he was acting like a drama queen, just for attention. Are you fucking kidding...I have no words for this, that's how pathetic this is. Somehow I knew deep inside he was too big of a pussy to stab himself anyway, so this makes a lot more sense. Still, I cannot describe the faggotry, that's what a lowlife he is.

31. from superemiga Here's a new picture of Starman3 with his mom: I hope she's proud that she gave birth to one of the biggest manchildren in the world. Lawl, credit goes to the user we are familiar with.

32. from superemiga Great news! Latiosboy5 had a lot of previously unseen proof about Starmanchild3, but they seemed to be lost forever due to his PC crashing. Now he has managed to retrieve those 'lost' files. Respect. He asked me to share them, enjoy. All credit goes to Latiosboy5.

33. from superemiga LevittownPaIsSpecial (aka DanDan26) found another piece of evidence that Starman3's house is 2454 Longridge Crescent, Oakville, Canada: Brilliant thinking, my praise goes out to this. It might be vital evidence, but we can't yet assume that this is his house. Though things are certainly going in the right direction.

34. from superemiga Zenon the Raptor reports that YTR'ers like Memo and Costar are starting to hate Starman3. He also posted an absolutely hilarious conversation between Starman3 and Memo: LOL! Fagman is completely losing his mind and is desperate. If Memo leaves, he will lose internet? WTF? Also he wants her to be his GIRLFRIEND. There you have it, if you still don't believe he is a pedophile then you need a medical check.

35. from superemiga Oh wow, Pedomanchild3 has won a Metroid poster on a radio show no one cares about. What makes him deserve to win that poster, sitting on his ass behind his computer all day? Making shitty videos and music? Being a pedophile? Blackmailing is own fans in order to get free stuff from them? Wonder if those twats over at the radio show really know who he truly is. Well congratulations with your shitty poster, you dickhead.

36. from superemiga JTC let his part of this 'war' go by deleting the truth video about SM3. May I ask why? Gayman is a dangerous pedophile, what's wrong with having the truth stayed online? And no, SM3 hasn't changed. If he would, he wouldn't be finding new ways to have contact with preteen boys all the time. By the way I've received reports that Starcunt3 used a ILLEGAL ZIPCODE to get Wind Waker HD. He deleted it off his Twitter already. If you think he has changed you are ignorant, he is as evil as he ever was.

37. from HTMedia72 So it's stupid to have a Pokémon RP account, but it's absoloutely fine to have a crappy Yoshi one?

38. from Marhfg Machinima- [5:43:06 PM] Ssb4 Lance: [5:43:08 PM] Ssb4 Lance: explain
[5:43:47 PM] ✭☆Starman3☆✭: I know. :/
[5:43:53 PM] Ssb4 Lance: explain
[5:43:56 PM] Ssb4 Lance: you liar
[5:44:16 PM] ✭☆Starman3☆✭: I know, broke the promise and stuff :/
[5:44:32 PM] Ssb4 Lance: been known there's something going on since the convo no longer is being hosted
[5:44:58 PM] Ssb4 Lance: you just broke a lot of people promises
[5:45:08 PM] ✭☆Starman3☆✭: i know..
[5:46:06 PM] Ssb4 Lance: so you favortize
[5:46:13 PM] Ssb4 Lance: who's good and bad
[5:46:29 PM] ✭☆Starman3☆✭: i am not favoring everyone :/
[5:46:36 PM] Ssb4 Lance: i had respect for you
[5:46:41 PM] Ssb4 Lance: no
[5:46:43 PM] Ssb4 Lance: you are
[5:46:49 PM] Ssb4 Lance: you are favoring
[5:47:04 PM] Ssb4 Lance: you discriminate the bad ones and the good ones

39. From HTMedia72- 2nd most drama queen moment since Starman 'stabbed' himself. [17:06:30] ✿Memoodyable✿ ☮: Oh my god! ....
[17:06:31] rap24842: Hi
[17:06:38] ☆Starman3☆: Hey Memo
[17:06:41] ☆Starman3☆: What's happened?
[17:06:45] ☆Starman3☆: PM me or Zaid
[17:07:05] ✿Memoodyable✿ ☮: I was trapped in a room and there was a fire! X_X
[17:07:21] HTM72 (HowToMedia72): nice faking
[17:07:31] ✿Memoodyable✿ ☮: I wasn't kidding!
[17:07:39] ☆Starman3☆: O_O
[17:07:40] ☆Starman3☆: WHAT?!
[17:07:53] ☆Starman3☆: Oh wow...
[17:08:01] ☆Starman3☆: :(
[17:08:14] Zaid Somji: :(
[17:08:32] Zaid Somji: I feel bad for her. I could've saved her if I was there

40. from HTMedia72- Thats 100% sprite bro


42- From HTMedia72- Almost time for him to come back.

43- From HTMedia72- Stupid Ware.

44. from HTMedia72- Qaster is basically a website which grabs random Twitter conversations and uploads it to their site. I can use this for many things >:) Such as searching up YTRStarman3.

45. from saturn is a super mario 64- this shows how much starman 3 cant spell

46. from Saturn Is a Super Mario 64- LOL

47. from HTMedia72- Dumb Ware.

48. from HTMedia72- Okay firstly, you selfish, greedy man. YOU'D RATHER RECIEVE THAN GIVE?! That proves SM3 has nothing short of pure greed. 'Because YTR is awesome' YTR is not awesome, it's full of trolls and abusing leaders. 'except for Zaid' Oh, since when was Zaid suddenly not as good as all the other YTR members!?

49. from RoshiroM- [4/20/2014 9:04:36 PM] Hidden: Hey Starman! Wassup Nigga! [4/20/2014 9:13:11 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Best buddy in the whole wooorrrllld
[4/20/2014 9:13:25 PM] ⁰•‐ Salmon Doge ‐•⁰: Hey *Hidden*
[4/20/2014 9:16:05 PM] ☆Starman3☆: This is Epic, My best friends!
[4/20/2014 9:16:17 PM] ☆Starman3☆: What you wanna talk about
[4/20/2014 9:16:24 PM] ⁰•‐ Salmon Doge ‐•⁰: Sorry, I don't really have much to talk about.
[4/20/2014 9:16:37 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Talk about my new Remix
[4/20/2014 9:16:44 PM] Hidden: :| I am sort of just listening to Starbomb.
[4/20/2014 9:17:01 PM] ☆Starman3☆: cool
[4/20/2014 9:17:14 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Did you not like my Remix, Guys?
[4/20/2014 9:17:21 PM] ⁰•‐ Salmon Doge ‐•⁰: Which One?
*He Kicked me and Salmon* <.<

50. from HTMedia72- [5/19/2014 7:55:09 AM] ☆Starman3☆: Ya know what, i just quitting all work on roblox goes Crazy 27 [5/19/2014 7:55:25 AM] ☆Starman3☆: People just telling me what to doing with my videos now.
Would you somehow like to explain this, Wareboy?

51. from HTMedia72- Hey, notice how the recent SM3 subscriber specials all have the same formula? Click on the link to find out why.

52. from freezeflame22- Starman3's 15,000 special in a nutshell.  -Time to return to blooper land to see my fwends becoz I got 15,000 subs
-Congwatz Starman3 for reechin 15,000 subs u r awesum. 
-Ye, forget ofer peeples opinions, they suk 4 havin an opinion
- Chek owt ultimateStarGamers

53. from roshiroM- [7/19/2014 1:25:02 PM] Hidden: You going to make a Special? [7/19/2014 1:25:10 PM] ☆Starman3☆: yep
[7/19/2014 1:25:38 PM] Hidden: Nice Work! You're going to get more and More Famous as you make Videos.
[7/19/2014 1:26:10 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Famous? Ummm i am on YT just for fun but popular is not that important, i just like people or my friends watching my video
[7/19/2014 1:27:02 PM] Hidden: Hey, Now!
[7/19/2014 1:27:04 PM] Hidden: Calm down!
[7/19/2014 1:27:19 PM] ☆Starman3☆: quiet you dont understand
[7/19/2014 1:27:21 PM] Hidden: I was just saying you're getting really popular.
[7/19/2014 1:27:26 PM] Hidden: Nothing more.
[7/19/2014 1:27:27 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Well dont, it offends me.
I tried complimenting him on how he is getting a bit more famous...

53. From HTMedia72- Would you like 331 SM3 truth pics?

54. from One small mistake and you render the WHOLE video again? Wow

55. from I bet it took you ages to find a text generator, find a background AND if all that wasn't enough, you had to go and find a picture of Mario! Oh how I pity you!

56. from HTMedia72- A chat with Ware. [7:15:51 PM] HowToMedia72: starman are you there
[8:02:03 PM] ☆Starman3☆: I'm actually kinda busy at the moment
[8:02:15 PM] HowToMedia72: i just wanted to apologize
[8:04:56 PM] HowToMedia72: are you there
[8:05:03 PM] ☆Starman3☆: ....
[8:05:11 PM] ☆Starman3☆: htm, It would be hard to forguve you here
[8:05:15 PM] HowToMedia72: i understand starman
[8:05:21 PM] HowToMedia72: with everyone making truth vids about you
[8:05:25 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Yeah
[8:05:32 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Delete all your truth vids then we'll talk
[8:05:35 PM] HowToMedia72: ok brb
**privates all my truth vids**
[8:07:12 PM] HowToMedia72: done
[8:07:23 PM] HowToMedia72: are you there?
[8:07:31 PM] ☆Starman3☆: I just don't Understand HTM
[8:07:39 PM] ☆Starman3☆: We used to be Friends on pstp crew
[8:07:43 PM] ☆Starman3☆: But what do you do?
[8:07:51 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Just as many of your friends turn Against me, youa nd a few otheres were only there for me
[8:08:04 PM] ☆Starman3☆: just because your buddies do, you leave me.
[8:08:11 PM] ☆Starman3☆: ya know what, I should just kill myself.
[8:08:15 PM] HowToMedia72: NO!
[8:08:20 PM] HowToMedia72: suicide is extreme, starman
That's all that happened.

57. From RoshiroM- [1:46:08 AM] Hidden: SM?

[7:06:59 PM] Hidden: SM, You there? [7:07:58 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Yes? [7:08:34 PM] Hidden: Why do you keep ignoring all my Messages? [7:08:53 PM] ☆Starman3☆: because u are a hater! [7:09:16 PM] Hidden: No I'm not. Do you have proof. He blocked me shortly after and readded me... [12:47:16 PM] ☆Starman3☆: why did you botray my trust i am so mad! [12:47:30 PM] Hidden: Why did you re-add me? I'm not a Hater! [12:48:05 PM] ☆Starman3☆: you are with jtb and emiga you hater! [12:48:12 PM] ☆Starman3☆: you told them i was a pedo and you gave fake screenshot! i have proof and everything! [12:48:18 PM] Hidden: Prove it. -.- Where is this Proof? He Blocked me again and than Readded me... -_- [4:06:58 PM] ☆Starman3☆: You should be ashamed! [4:08:02 PM] Hidden: WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I AM BUSY! [4:08:28 PM] ☆Starman3☆: I have proof! aha! [4:09:16 PM] Hidden: Where is it...? HE BLOCKS ME AGAIN AND DOESN'T READ ME. The Idiot Made fake Bull and didn't explain a detail about it. Freaking Child.

58. from HTMedia72- I remember a while back, I was on the YTR server joking with SM3, here are our rough words one day (not exact): <howtomedia72> sm3's mom: NAUGHTY SM3! GO TO YOUR ROOM!!
<howtomedia72> xD
<YTRStarman3> .......
<YTRStarman3> hey, don't talk about my mom -_-
<howtomedia72> oh ok
<howtomedia72> is it something in real life? is she ill or something?
<YTRStarman3> no
<YTRStarman3> just don't joke about my mom, it's offensive to me
<howtomedia72> ok
Also I didn't take a screenshot that day, IDK why.

59 from HTMedia72- Credit to Dreth. (I just put it in chronological order, that's all.) [2:55:47 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Back with my knife
[2:55:50 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: ...
[2:56:01 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: **Facedesks**
[2:56:14 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Really?
[2:56:28 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: You're going through with this...
[2:56:28 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Yeah really
[2:56:40 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Put it away...
[2:56:59 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Look Im just trying to help you and..AND YOU'RE PUSHING MY HELP AWAY...
[2:57:12 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Like you did to Pinkolol's help!
[2:57:37 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Look it was my mistake to her, so I'll kill myself for everyone's good.
Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): for my own good.
[2:57:42 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I just going to cut myself
[2:57:47 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: This is it then..
[2:58:04 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: You think you're gonna leave your remaining fans
[2:58:36 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: You dare stab yourself and I swear..
[2:59:57 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Why shouldn't i stab myself, Kill myself for good reason or stay and get truth seeked again like usual. i suffered enough
[3:00:08 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: .....Is this it, Jacob
[3:00:19 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): This is my life. I screwed it up.
[3:00:44 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: So.......Starman3 goes **MIrror Break mode**
[3:00:50 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: You know what I mean
[3:01:18 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: The SM64 body will crack
[3:01:19 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): yes i know what you meant
[3:01:35 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): if i die, every of my character dies
[3:01:54 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: So..
[3:02:10 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: SO YOU'LL BREAK MEMO'S PROMISE. OF FINDING MEMO
[3:02:38 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Memo wanted me to stay alive.
Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I remember in other convo
[3:02:45 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): i dont know if i can
[3:02:58 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: I'm keeping HER alive
[3:03:11 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: She's NOT killing herself
[3:03:20 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: You can't be with her
[3:03:54 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): see, i guess this is good bye. let me get a knife and stab it through my heart so hard to it and deal with the death
[3:03:58 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: .....
[3:04:09 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Negative Negative Negative
[3:04:28 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: STOP IT
[3:04:48 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I'm bleeding right now.
[3:04:54 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: ..
[3:05:12 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Past Pinkolol16: Jacob..what are you doing
[3:05:42 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): She hates me, everyone hates me, I am ending my life for good...
[3:06:03 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: ..........So you think even Memo hates you
[3:06:22 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): yeah...
[3:06:33 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Kinda yeah
[3:06:42 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: All the bad things you did to Pink. She knows
[3:07:06 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I stabbed my heart now and its hurting right now. i am bleeding badly.
[3:07:20 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: .....So this is it
[3:07:46 PM | Edited 3:07:50 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Jacob...shut down your computer...
[3:08:14 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): i cant... my arm is weak...
[3:08:23 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Other arm..
[3:08:44 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): they both weak, i lost too much blood
[3:09:00 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: ...........(hug)
[3:09:17 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: This is...Goodbye...isnt it..
[3:09:35 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Y-yeah it is...
[3:09:39 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): ;(
[3:09:46 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Jacob.....I'm sorry.....
[3:10:12 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: I'm
[3:10:57 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I...forgive you...
[3:11:19 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: So.....Good...bye...old..friend...
[3:16:06 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Jacob tell Jbro sorry
[3:16:33 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Your dying now arent ya
[3:17:28 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: SHIT
[3:18:10 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Yeah..
[3:18:33 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Tell Jbro apologize...
[3:18:36 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Before you go
[3:18:53 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Tell him
[3:19:29 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Does YTR know
[3:20:44 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): He wont forgive me...i already know the future..
[3:21:02 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Jbro said......Suicide is extreme....
[3:21:18 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: And that even though he hates you, He doesn't want you dead
[3:23:32 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I deserved to die. Jbro already hate me and i deserved to be attacked and all... its my fault.... good bye, life...
[3:23:38 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Meep
[3:24:18 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: You're playing Megaman with Costar...
[3:24:21 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: -_-
[3:24:32 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: REALLY
[3:25:03 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Jacob you're playing Megaman with Costar
[3:25:26 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): its a last thing i do before i die
[3:26:33 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Did you really stab yourself in the heart
[3:26:55 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Yeah i did.
[3:27:05 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): pretty hard, and it hurts
[3:28:19 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: How ar eyou alive
[6/24/2014 3:31:54 PM] Bonzi Buddy: **Plot twist**
[6/24/2014 3:31:57 PM] Bonzi Buddy: He will retrurn
[6/24/2014 5:27:18 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): its on my body and i cannont show it but i am telling the truth...
Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): the blood is flowing out though
[6/24/2014 5:27:42 PM] Bonzi Buddy: It is not flowing
[6/24/2014 5:27:50 PM] Bonzi Buddy: IF it's real, SHOW IT, or its lie
[6/24/2014 5:30:36 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Its personal, i am not showing my body, and i am telling the truth
[4:55:36 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): I am not lying..
[4:55:59 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Really?
[4:56:14 PM | Edited 4:56:15 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Dia just told me you were talking on the convo
[4:56:36 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): yeah but i was coughing badly
[4:56:48 PM | Edited 4:56:50 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: Wow
[4:57:02 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): coughing out blood
[4:57:25 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: So you are on the fritz of dying
[4:57:51 PM] Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): Yep.
[4:57:58 PM] ☮Zaid Somji (Mariofan14)☮: How much longer
Jacob Leo Ware (Starman3): OW! I just pulled the knife out of my body.
its bleeding more

60. From HTMedia72- Called Pinkolol16.

61. From HTMEdia72- Ware trying to get his bears to believe all the crap he says.

62. From HTMedia72- WOOOOOOOOW.

63. From [OLD] minishLAN- Welp, looks like MM's with us.

64. From HTMedia72- know you guys have probably gotten over that SM3 closed his Twitter......well 'closed' isn't the right term. Apparently his Twitter was actually SUSPENDED. Proof: Click on SM3's username and this comes up: So, SM3 might have LIED to YTR, saying it was a fight with his mom, but it was suspended by the Twitter staff. I guess he broke the rule which said 'No fapping to green dinosaurs/young girls all day'

65. From I love Skype. You get so much things out of it.

66. From HTMedia72- You see, when SM3 says when 'his final chance is over he will give the leadership to someone else', this is what happens. [15:48:26] BONZI BUDDY 1999 - 2014 MY GREATEST DREAM IS A WORLD WITHOUT JEWS: [7/6/2014 7:46:45 PM] ultimatehario: im having a fight with sm3 atm
[7/6/2014 7:46:54 PM] fgt queen: Oh why?
[7/6/2014 7:46:57 PM] fgt queen: A skype fight
[7/6/2014 7:47:04 PM] fgt queen: A Falling-out?
[7/6/2014 7:47:13 PM] fgt queen: thanks i told jbro
[7/6/2014 7:47:16 PM] ultimatehario: sm3 removed fawn because she was "taking over"
[7/6/2014 7:47:19 PM] ultimatehario: and ok
[7/6/2014 7:47:28 PM] fgt queen: Logs
[7/6/2014 7:47:30 PM] fgt queen: add me
[7/6/2014 7:49:27 PM] fgt queen: I need the logs
[7/6/2014 7:49:47 PM] ultimatehario: wont now
[7/6/2014 7:49:50 PM] ultimatehario: im busy
[7/6/2014 7:49:52 PM] fgt queen: oh why?
[7/6/2014 7:49:55 PM] ultimatehario: [7:36:05 PM] ultimatehario: why did you remove fawn
[7:36:09 PM] ultimatehario: > : l
[7:37:07 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Shes NOT A TRUE LEADER. :/
[7:37:38 PM] ultimatehario: yea ishes not the true leader since you made it but you wanted her to leader for tomorrow and then you REMOVED her
[7:38:35 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Yeah BUT SHE TAKING OVER IT
[7:38:41 PM] ☆Starman3☆: ITS MY GROUP THAT I CREATED IT
[7:38:52 PM] ultimatehario: shes not taking over the group
[7:39:19 PM] ☆Starman3☆: urgh No one REALLY UNDERSTANDS :/
[7:43:15 PM] ultimatehario: show me 1 thing that shows proof that fawn was taking over the group
[7:44:27 PM] ☆Starman3☆: she said shes taking over my leadership rank and i didnt want it. There were no leader
[7:45:35 PM] ultimatehario: well for the day or whatever the time you wanted her to be the leader for the day and you could just TELL her do not take OVER or whatever instead of REMOVING her
[7:46:13 PM] ☆Starman3☆: Shes trying to. So i told my parent for a help :/
[7/6/2014 7:49:56 PM] fgt queen: You said your fighting
[7/6/2014 7:50:03 PM] ultimatehario: but thats the fight
[7/6/2014 7:50:18 PM] fgt queen: what happened
[7/6/2014 7:50:27 PM] ultimatehario: sm3 removed fawn
[7/6/2014 7:50:35 PM] fgt queen: No, with you
[7/6/2014 7:50:44 PM] ultimatehario: im helping fawn
[7/6/2014 7:50:52 PM] ultimatehario: to make sm3 to add her back
[7/6/2014 7:51:00 PM] ultimatehario: and the rank to leader again
[7/6/2014 7:51:09 PM] fgt queen: Fawn should be a leader
[7/6/2014 7:51:12 PM] fgt queen: add me with m3
[7/6/2014 7:51:13 PM] ultimatehario: ikr
[7/6/2014 7:51:14 PM] fgt queen: I wanna talk to him
[7/6/2014 7:51:28 PM] ultimatehario: sm3 is afk he is REALLY pissed off
[7/6/2014 7:51:33 PM] ultimatehario: i think i pissed him off :P
[7/6/2014 7:52:31 PM] fgt queen: Add me to it
[7/6/2014 7:52:35 PM] fgt queen: I'll piss him off more

67. From HTMedia72-

68. From [OLD] minishLAN- Yet he STILL doesn't mention the fact the threatened a person in his summary, re-did it after we asked him to stop AND he threatened two admins.



71. From HTMedia72- 2 pieces of proof I found out through Skype. First one was said to Piplup212 and credit to him for giving me that, and the second one is said by UltimateHario, credit to him.

72. From HTMedia72 - Faggotry I cannot even describe through words.

73. From HTMedia72- Lolno.

74. From HTMedia72- I'm speechless.

75. From HTMedia72- Ehm.......

76. From HTMedia72- This is the actual reason why we all came across the name "Jacob Ware".

77. From HTMedia72- Oh boo hoo.

78. From HTMedia72- Also, ThePiplup212 reports that he NEVER WANTED Ware to make that video. SM3 just told him on Skype "I'M GONNA MAKE A VID ABOUT YOU AND UR GONNA LOVE IT!!!" Piplup actually said "No thanks" but SM3 proceeded. So, SM3 just makes videos about people when they don't want to.

79. From HTMedia72- Wareboy cannot tell the time.

80. From HTMedia72- We got a little something.

81. From HTMedia72- Derp.

82. From HTMedia72- The address of David Ware is 2454 Longridge Crescent, proof and it's only 12 minutes from Best Buy, where SM3 works, unlike Stanfield Dr (15 mins) and Foxhole Cir (16 mins). Considering Ware is too lazy to drive to work like the lazyass he is, this is probably the address. But then again, we don't have definite proof. Here's a pic to make things easier.

83. From HTMedia72- YOSHI IS NOT REAL. How many times do we need to say it, Ware?

84. From HTMedia72- Also, there's a screenie I forgot to show you "I just want a life without haters" He wants people to like him, and he doesn't want anybody hating him?

85. From HTMedia72- And then Ware never changes.

86. From

87. From SM3 is afraid to look at the truth videos about him because he knows they are true.

88. From HTMedia72-

89. From HTMedia72-

90. From Lol ware fails.

91. From Chillius- Just passing through!

92. From HTMedia72- Omg liar.

93. From Pinkolol16- SM3 told me a story on the 30th of March 2013. Today, in short terms. It was a story where there were a ton of Super Mario statues and he went to stores and hugged it every single time. Not to mention, he actually had one asked, by his mum from Nintendo's HQ and it lives in his house now, living with a sociopath.
His mum called several stores and told him the day she brought one home
must've been a heck ton of money
and he hasn't grown up since then really, mentally.
Never tell me a secret if I end up hating you lol.
I was told this story 2 years ago.
I share this to warn you he has not and will not grow from that day onward or from the day he stepped foot on the internet

94. From SB-2749-Should have been "Pedophilia Studios".

95. From SM64 Recruits- Hey, dawg, I found the place where Starman3 got his finger painted. Go on Google Maps, Oakville, and there should be a dentist near London Road or the airport or sumthin'. On that street there are a row of shops and one of them says "Beauty Nails", look for it. I'm tracking down local pubs and I have a suspicion he might live in this area. Get back to me as soon as you can mah homie, I hope yo get dis.

96. From Thatoneguy-I thought it was going to say "Sex in the bed", but that works also.

Hes trying to say that sm3 overuses the words "SEX IN THE BED" as an insult

97. From  JakobTheBadassah867 "I can also have you arrested for streaming Wreck-It Ralph Illegally

98. From [GD] ADC91802- You know what Holden from Catcher In The Rye would say about starman3? He would say that he is the biggest phony of them all.

99. From Charcoal Media- So everyone is going to ignore that there is a guy who is likely a pedo in a community mostly based of children? Wow people are ignorant

100. From Styoopid Animations- He's a pedophile I remember pretending to be a 9 year old, and holy sh*t the things he said 0_o

101. From starman3 - Рік тому

Fuck off

102. From Gengar the Forgotten - 

  • claps* This is so true, let me add in something: HE TRIED TO RAPE PUFFY